We are one of the most consistent and trustworthy manufacturers and bulk suppliers of fabrics featuring international standards of quality. Our manufacturing facility possesses the capacity of manufacturing fabrics and textiles in bulk. Our state-of-the-art textile manufacturing unit is spread over a large area featuring Tsudakoma water jet looms imported from Japan. We make use of water-jet looms technology for manufacturing textiles and fabrics, and Tsudakoma has always been the pioneers in this technology. The use of this technology has given us the confidence of offering our fabrics for different applications right from garment usages like dresses, shirtings, and suitings to home textiles like cushions, curtains, beddings, napkins, draperies and table cloths.

Additionally, our fabric assortment is not just limited to home and garments but industrial applications as well. These include awnings, tarpaulins, car covers, air bags, parachutes, shades and other industrial and regular use. Our customer base is quite diverse with sales in both international and local markets. The US and Europe are the two important international markets for exports. Our business strategy is exploring new markets continuously while ensuring the highest standards of quality for all our products. Our company is very well-equipped with the most advanced technology in printing and dyeing machines.

Best textiles boast of possessing an amazing set up for manufacturing, supplying and delivering top quality HOHENSTEIN and OKO-TEX certified textiles from an assortment including fabrics, yarns, denim jeans, garments and home textiles. Our infrastructure is perfectly designed for catering to bulk, medium and small orders with on-time deliveries. We make use of an amazing blend of machine and man supplemented with putting client specifications in place for delivering the right product, quality, and design that is appreciated by every individual.

We work with the objective of manufacturing and supplying top quality textiles by:

  •   Making efforts for accreditation with some of the leading brands and chains.
  • Providing a fresh assortment of designs at regular intervals.
  • Adopting and adhering to efficient and lean quality control measures which further help in delivering top quality products on time.
  • Coming up with new collections every season.
  • Using our key strengths for delivering customized solutions in the form of designs, colors, blends, quality, and finishes.

We have a strong and skilled research and development team that focuses on cost reduction, process improvement and the development of new products. This is evident from the fact that we continuously work towards modifying our production procedure for enhancing the flexibility of using different materials.

Our designers have been making the things in such a way that it reflects the ultimate creation of the art and design in the beautiful way. All our products have been highly tested, and then it has been made to produce in the market. These products are tested by the avant grades designer and material checker in our firm. They have been diligently making this work for years and for them we are able to produce different things at the minimal costs so that people can have this in their home.

All we also did is the creation of different thing with the things that have been tagged as a style statement in the market. If you have been searched for our product in the online market, then you will get to see that the jeans that have been produced by us are designed in such a way that you can have it in the office. Our designers have given the shape of the jeans with the formal way in such a way that it becomes a trend in the office to have this that really carried the attraction.

The jeans have been divided according to the criteria of men and women. For the women also we had specialized jeans that they can wear in the office. These jeans they can also wear in the occasions and the design and the color has been chosen in such a way that it goes everything you wore in the top. Also, we have the line of shirts that are also divided among the men and the women. From casual to office to occasion all types of shirts you will get in our line of fashion which makes us stand in the foremost position than the others.

From thread to material quality to design our experts have checked everything before making it to the market. These are some of the things that we maintain in each of our production. Making the people beautiful is what we thrive into before making the labels.