Best Textiles is a classical jeans manufacturer with the annual capacity of manufacturing around 1.25 million pieces. Our key clients include Peter England, Flying Machine, John Player and Indigo nation. Prime operational automation such as loop and pocket fastening along with a cylindrical feed of the arm has given us the flexibility of attuning product and operational excellence. Our hot selling brands INDIGIRL, INDIGEN, and Afford have made their presence felt in the domestic markets. The demand for our brands has increased throughout India with proper promotional initiatives being out by our online partners like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Mr. Voonik and Voonik. Jeans manufactured by our firm are so comfortable that you might not like to get out of them.

Best Textiles boasts of the largest jeans manufacturer in India possessing the capability of manufacturing specialty jeans. Products in the category of jeans at Best Textiles include some of the most innovative products such as fair trade and organic jeans, recycled jeans and different performance finishes.

Jeans for the men’s office wear

It is quite a known fact that jeans in the office are not the thing that one should wear. Formals are there to wear. But our expert designer has made it possible to design the jeans in such a way that you can wear it in the office. The whole designing has been crafted in such a way that it looks like the formal wear, but the wearer will get to know only that he is wearing jeans. We only manufacture this design and this line of fashion, and the online shopping sites are making it a point to have this trend line only from us which we really take proud of.

Alternative jeans wear for the women in the office

Like men, women do not have the flair of jeans to wear in the office. They have other types of dressing materials. But we in Best Textiles have come up with the idea of designing the jeans in such a way that women can also wear it in the office. Our line of exclusive design has the jeans that will make the women look beautiful by wearing the jeans. These jeans are not like the jeans that we used to wear every day. They are specially crafted and come with the comfort of wearing so that it does not affect the skin. Women can wear this type of jeans along with the tops or kurta or with the shirts.

The jeans that have been described above are all made with the high-quality standards and in such a way that people find it comfortable to wear. All our designs are handmade and made with the quality materials that are entirely cotton. Our most important aim is to make the products in such a way that it can suit the size of each and every people and also their pocket. You can have the jeans in the renowned online retail stores with great designs and quality materials that are really the need in the market.